The Orange Room Podcast Studio

The Orange Room Podcast Studio

Experience podcasting perfection at The Orange Room! Our studio is your ideal creative haven, equipped with top-tier recording gear and soundproofing. Elevate your podcasting game today – reserve your spot in The Orange Room!

Audio / Video Recording

Cost: $50/hr


  • 1 hour of recording
  • digital copy of recording
  • in-studio engineer

Audio / Video Streaming

Cost: $60/hr


  • 1 hour of streaming
  • digital copy of stream
  • in-studio engineer

Monthly Podcast Membership

Audio / Video Recording ($150) – Four 1-hour sessions per month.

Audio / Video Streaming ($250) – Four 1-hour sessions per month.

Podcasts Recorded in-Studio

Conversational Pressure Live Stream Every Tuesday at 6 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the studio provide editing services?

Yes. Editing services are done at an hourly rate of $25/hr.

How many people can the studio hold?

No more than 4 people, excluding the engineer, are allowed in the studio during recording sessions.

Will a studio engineer be available?

An engineer will be available during recording sessions.

Do I need to be able to produce my own show?
No. If you need help with producing your show, we do offer production packages that can be customized based on need.

Equipment: Custom built desktop computer, monitors x3, webcam x3, mics, headset, keyboard, mouse, TV and table monitor.

Software: OBS, Photoshop, Audacity