Marsapalooza – 1-Year Anniversary

Marsapalooza – 1-Year Anniversary

Marsapalooza 1-Year Anniversary

Marsapalooza celebrates its 1 year anniversary at MAP Technologies and its 13th birthday overall! Come out and game with us as we bring you a TON of retro games and an incredible nostalgic experience with a Vaporwave aesthetic.

*****************************Admission Info******************************

$15 ATD [under 18 $10] *bonus if you register online @



4pm- Doors open!

5pm- Live with DJ Ducky Dynamo

7pm- Mario Kart Double Dash casual races [with LIVE commentary]

730pm- Mario Kart race 21+ [with LIVE commentary]


Currently looking. if interested, please hit me directly in messenger or discord @


Updated 03/28/22

Lo-fi/Vaporewave/LIVE event soundboard


*** Want to Bring a setup? We’d love to have you share with us. Please ask how you can and we can arrange space for you and will even discount admission! ***

Think you have something neat to add to the experience? Run it by us and we may consider it for future events! We are always open to new Ideas.